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Wall, Cavity
See "Cavity Wall"
Wall, Retaining
See "Retaining Wall"
Wall Insulation
Material placed in wall cavities for the reduction of fire hazard or for protection from heat and cold.
Wall Lining
Material covering the interior walls that are fixed to the framework of a building.
Wall Plate
Horizontal timber member placed on top of a wall to support timber framed construction.
Vertical assemblies which may or may not be load- bearing.
A person to whom a warranty is made.
One who makes a warranty; any supplier or other person who gives or offers to give a written warranty or who is or may be obligated under an implied warranty.
A promise made by a seller or contractor responsible for work performed under a contract that the work performed is fit for the purpose intended and is free from structural, electrical, mechanical, and other defects.
A coating capable of stopping penetration of water or moisture.
Waterproof Membrane
An impermeable layer of plastic film, roofing material, bitumen, or other material placed to stop transfer of water or water vapor.
Water Table
The upper limit of the portion of ground saturated with water.
Boards that cover external surfaces and overlap to keep out the rain.
A small hole inserted in the ridge bedding and pointing mortar at the water channel of the tile for draining purposes.
Wind Bracing
Bracing members required to resist the forces on a structure resulting from wind pressure.
Window Casement
See "Casement"
Glazed openings in partitions, walls and cladding.
Wire Mesh
A series of longitudinal and transverse wires arranged substantially at right angles to each other sheets or rolls, used to reinforce mortar and concrete.
The hard compact fibrous substance of which trees and shrubs are largely composed.
Government department administering and enforcing compliance within occupational health and safety (OHS), injury management and workers compensation legislation, and manages the workers compensation system.
Wrought Iron
A term customarily used to denote mild steel. Wrought iron, which is iron with few impurities, is rarely available.

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