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Technical Performance
The susceptibility (behaviour, durability or serviceability) of the physical components of a facility and its elements and materials to the environment.
Tempered Glass
Annealed glass that has been cut to size and heated up to 6200 C then cooled quickly with jets of cold air.
Temporary Services
The utilities (water, electricity, telephone) brought onto a jobsite for the contractor's temporary use during construction.
A person who rents property and/or land from a landlord; a lessee.
Written offer to execute at a stated price or rate an order for the supply of goods or services or the execution of works in given conditions.
Termites live in earth, and will build mud tunnels from the earth up to the wood structure.
Termite Barrier
A sheet metal barrier, used to discourage entry into the structure by subterranean termites.
Termite Control
Implementing appropriate solutions to control and manage the spread of termites into buildings and into structures.
Volatile liquids used to reduce thetexture of paint and varnish.
Operating by means of combination of three alternating current circuits which differ in phase by one-third of a cycle.
The right to ownership of property.
Title Deed
Evidence if ownership of property.
Title Insurance
A guarantee of title issued by an insurance company.
Top Plate
The horizontal timber above a wall on which the truss or rafter sits.
Two double storey attached dwellings usually registered under Strata Title.
A special court outside the civil and criminal judical system that examines special problems and makes judgments. E.g. an industrial tribunal, which resolves disputes between employers and employees.
A hand tool used by masons and plasterers to apply, shape, spread, or smooth plastic materials such as plaster or mortar.
Trowel Finish
The smooth finish coat surface of concrete, plaster produced by a trowel.
Structural framework of triangular units for supporting loads over long spans.
Truss Roof
A self supporting structural timber framework of triangular shaped members. Usually prefabricated and delivered to job site.
Trust Deed
A document evidencing a security interest in real property: used in some states in place of mortgage.
In a trust deed, the entity to whom the title to the property is legally entrusted for the benefit of the beneficiary (the lender).

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