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Reflective foil fixed under the tile battens.
Temporary structure providing access for operatives to construction works and support for materials and equipment.
The plan for completion of a project based on a logical arrangement of activities, resources available, imposed dates or funding budgets.
Defines the work to be accomplished in a contract, documented by a contract's parameters.
A layer of concrete or cement used to even-off the floor before laying tiles.
View of the features of an object lying on a plane passing through it, not showing features in front or behind the plane.
Septic System
A sewerage disposal system.
Set Back
The distance a building is located from the front property line.
A subterranean conduit for conveying sewage or storm water.
A building or dormer with a single pitched roof.
The lower horizontal section of a window frame or opening.
Sediment deposited by water in a water course.
Silt Trap
A device that prevents water-borne soil from entering a pond or drainage system.
The location for which the construction work is assigned to.
Site Analysis
The study of a specific land parcel to determine its suitability for a specific use.
Site Demolition
The act or process of demolishing an old building or structure to make way for new construction.
Site Establishment
Securing a building site from the public and preparing the site for building activity.
Site Layout Plan
Drawing which specifies the scope and disposition of site land, site limits, services, sheds, etc.
Site Measurement Drawing
Drawing which specifies site limits and the position of existing and planned buildings.
Site Plan
Location drawing giving the position of construction works in relation to the setting out points, the means of access and the general layout of a site. It may also contain information on service networks, road work and the landscape.
Site Services
In their agreement with an owner, the consultant often provides site services. Consultants do not inspect the work, they review it. Review is much less formal or demanding than inspection. Authorities having jurisdiction inspect the work; Consultants review the work.
Skirtings are generally timber decorative trim, fixed along the base of internal walls, where the walls meet the floor.
A window roof section fitted to the roof allowing light.
1. A cast concrete floor. 2. Flat section of floor or roof either on the ground or supported by beams or walls.
Slab, Concrete
See "Concrete Slab"
Slab, Precast
A molded layer of reinforced concrete, cast and cured, ready for delivery.
A wet mixture of water and cement: usually containing no aggregate.
Smoke Alarm
A device that emits a warning sound if it detects smoke.
Smoke Detector
See "Smoke Alarm"
Smooth Face
Bricks with a smooth, flat finish.
The lining fixed under the eaves between the fascia board and external wall.
Soffit Bearer
Timbers used to support the soffit.
A chipping or peeling off of concrete surface or corners.
Special Conditions Of Contract
Conditions which modify the general conditions of contract but which are not project-specific.
Documents that define the qualitative requirements for products, materials, and workmanship upon which the contract for construction is based.
A consultant, architect, engineer, interior designer, landscape consultant, specification consultant, or some other specialist consultant: each of whom draft or create a specification of requirements.
Contraction of 'specifications'.
Stainless Steel
An alloy of steel with chromium and other metals that is practically immune to rusting and ordinary corrosion.
Stamp Duty
The State Government imposes a stamp duty, or tax, on the purchase of property. The amount of tax payable is calculated as a percentage of the property's purchase price. Only buyers pay stamp duty.
That which establishes by authority, custom, or general consent as a model or example.
Placing a design template on a concrete or other surface and applying the finish through a template cut out of thin, flat paper or metal.
Stormwater Run-Off
The measured amount of rainfall collected via a water saving technique.
Structural Defects
Defects within the structure: to the structural elements which may cause an unsafe condition.
Structural Engineer
A civil engineer who specialises in the design and analysis of structures.
Structural Frame
Columns, beams, joists, wall, floors, trusses, etc., which act together as the structural frame to which non-structural items or materials are attached.
Stud (Wall Stud)
Vertical member found within a framed wall to which the lining material is fixed.
See "Subcontractor"
An agreement between two parties involved in a construction contract where neither party is the owner.
Used as a convenient term for the person or entity carrying out a specific part of the contract for the general contractor, whether or not a formal sub-contract agreement exists.
The division of land into building lots, streets, and open spaces.
A wood floor which is laid over the floor joists and on which the finished floor is laid.
Lease of property by a tenant to a subtenant. Also called subletting.
See "Sublease"
Below the surface of the earth.
Subterranean Termite
See "Termite"
A roof gutter pit used to connect downpipes to internal roof gutters.
To carefully and closely monitor the work.
A person, firm, or corporation that supplies materials or equipment to be included in the work, but does not perform labour at the place of the work.
To supply and deliver to project site, ready for installation.
Surface Water Drainage
A water drainage system relatively shallow and designed to fit directly into a storm water line.
Surface Waters
Rain water collected and running on the surface of the land rathar than being confined to drains and water courses.
A person sufficiently trained to locate and record the exact physical boundaries of a parcel of land.
Suspended Ceiling
A finish ceiling that is hung from the structure above.
Suspended Structure
A structure supported principally by tension members or carrying its loads principally in tension.
Suspension Of Work
The temporary stopping of the work, a right reserved by owners in some construction contracts.
Sustainable Architecture
Architectural design based on the principles of sustainable development.
Sustainable Building
Construction that is based on energy conservation and reduction in use of non-renewable resources.
Sustainable Development
Construction utilising materials that are replaceable, like wood, and minimising use of non-replaceable materials and energy resources.
A unit designed and manufactured to house external operable fused switches, circuit breakers, or other protective or regulating devices and associated instrumentation.

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