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A long sloping timber extending from the eave to the ridge of a roof.
Ready-Mixed Concrete
Concrete manufactured at batch plants and delivered by truck to the job site in a plastic state.
Real Estate
A piece of land subject to ownership.
Real Estate Broker
A qualified professional licensed to deal in the exchange of real estate.
Real Property
See "Real Estate"
A real estate agent.
Real estate.
Rectification Order
Enforcement to rectify, fix or demolish all or part of a building and rebuild as per contractual agreement in accordance with legislative requirements.
A recovery method of waste products by means of collection and processing.
The action of strengthening by addition of material or support.
A hard finish of either cement or plaster applied to brick or masonry walls. Different techniques of application result in different textures.
The reworking of an existing dwelling or portion of an existing dwelling including the upgrading of major systems to extend the useful life of the structure and it's inclusive members.
Residential (Zoning)
Land that includes premises used totally for residential purposes and land not used for farming, quarry or industry purposes.
Useable stock or supply of capital, materials, machines, work force, energy, knowledge, land and time.
Comprehensive maintenance activities intended to bring an item back to its original appearance or state. Restoration is not solely for functional or operational reasons, but may also be required for historical preservation.
Retaining Wall
A wall that is designed to resist the lateral pressures of retained soil.
The highest point in a roof.
Rising Damp
Ground moisture containing salts rising up a masonry wall by capillary action.
Risk Management
A planned method of precaution taken to avoid loss to property and personal well being.
Roof Area
Plan area measured across the eaves overhang or to the inner face of perapet walls, including areas covered by roof lights.
Roof Flashing
A weather shield commonly used to seal penetrations by pipes or columns in a roofing section.
Roof Vent
The unit mounted on a roof that is the terminus of a ventilation pipe.
The excess of rainwater or snowmelt that is not absorbed into the earth and drains to streams, rivers, or storm water collection devices.
A value given for the resistance to heat transfer of a roof or wall system.

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