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A craft worker skilled in the application of paints, stains, and other decorative and protective treatments.
A panel of glass.
Parquetry Flooring
Flooring of small matching pieces of timber laid on a substrate in geometric patterns.
Particle Board
A pressed sheet material made from particles of timber bonded with synthetic resin and/or other organic binder.
Non-load bearing wall unit subdividing floor space.
An area adjacent to a home, used for recreation or outdoor dining.
Penalty and Bonus Clause
A contract provision that the contractor will pay a penalty for late completion and receive a bonus for timely or early completion.
Penalty Clause
A clause in a construction contract by which a contractor is assessed with a monetary penalty, usually on a daily basis, for delay in the completion of a project.
The behaviour of a product related to its use.
Performance Bond
Provides a guarantee that if the contractor defaults or fails to perform, the surety will either complete the contract on behalf of the contractor in accordance with its terms or provide sufficient funds to the owner to do so up to the principle amount of the bond for such completion.
Performance Requirement
User requirement expressed in terms of the performance of a product.
Performance Specification
Document which specifies functional requirements of a construction, and which is normally separate for construction and installation works.
The costs of complying with preliminary and contract clauses in the tender documents and the costs of providing site supervision, site administration, temporary facilities and plant.
Pest Control
The act or process of the placement of devices or spraying of chemicals or powders to control and manage the spread of insects and pests.
Pest Inspection
A pest inspection is for the detection of wood destroying insects, such as borers and termites (white ants). Termites can cause substantial structural damage and therefore a pest inspection is recommended.
Pest Inspection Report
An informative report on current and past infestation to a building.
An isolated column or mass of masonry units.
A long solid timber, concrete or steel structural element that is mechanically driven into the ground for the purpose of supporting a load.
Any system of pipes in a building.
A mixture of sand, lime and water of a consistency that can be applied to a wall or ceiling with a trowel.
A rigid, insulating building board made of a core of gypsum plaster set between and bonded to outer coverings of heavy cardboard.
The work carried out by plasterers.
The horizontal framing member at the top (Top wall plate) or base (Bottom wall plate) of wood stud wall framing.
Vertical, or perfectly straight up-and-down: at right angles to horizontal.
A craft worker skilled in the installation, repair and maintenance of water and waste systems in buildings.
1. The process of installing in a building or structure the pipes, fixtures, or other apparatus for supplying water and removing liquid and water-wastes. 2. Heating and air conditioning piping
Sheets or panels formed by bonding together two or more plies cut from solid timber.
Pop Rivet
Metal fastener for joining sheet metal pieces, installed by a hand operated compressed air-assisted or spring-loaded gun.
Power Of Attorney
A legal instrument that authorises one to act as the agent of another. The agent is called an attorney, but does not have to be a licensed attorney.
A concrete component or member cast and cured and delivered to the jobsite.
Constructed and assembled in a workshop and later brought to the jobsite for incorporation into the building.
Space or property made available to the contractor for constructing the work.
Priced Bill Of Quantities
Bill of quantities that contains the contractor's rates extended and totaled to give the tender sum.
Prime Costs Items (PC Items)
An agreed reasonable estimate for the cost of materials including fixtures and fittings which you may not have selected at the time of entering into a contract for building work.
A tinted base coat of paint to seal the surface and equalise suction differences.
Private Treaty, Selling Your Home
When you set the price at which your house will be sold to the general public and wait for a buyer.
Product Specification
Specification for the properties or manufacture of a particular product.
Professional Indemnity Insurance
Professional Indemnity Insurance will meet the cost of defending a claim and any damages payable should a client sue you as a result of alleged neglect, error or omission.
Professional Liability
A professional's legal liability for claims arising out of damages sustained by others allegedly as a result of negligent acts, errors, or omissions in the performance of professional services.
Progress Payment
An advancement of funds on account of the contract price.
The total construction contemplated of which the work may be the whole or a part.
Project Manager
A party, having a contract to perform project management services: usually involves the management of the entire project team: may also engage the services of design consultants.
A bidder's written offer on department furnished forms to perform stated work at the quoted prices.
Provisional Sum
A sum nominated in the tender documents for work anticipated but insufficiently designed or detailed at the time of tendering.
Public Liability Insurance
A policy designed to protect a business against claims by third parties for negligent acts.
Public Works
Construction and projects undertaken on behalf of governmental entities.
A horizontal beam in a roof, at right angles to the principal rafters or trusses.

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