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Obscure Glass
Ground or frosted glass that transmits light but is not fully transparent.
A building code term referring to the use of a building.
The inhabitation of a home or other building.
Occupational Health And Safety (OHS)
Requirements for health, safety and welfare, which must be met at all workplaces.
Occupation Certificate (OC)
A document that states that a home or other building has met all building codes and is suitable for habitation.
Office Of Fair Trading (OFT)
A government agency which regulates the home building industry.
Anything not on the subject building site.
Objects and activities that are on the building site.
Impervious to light; not transparent.
Open For Inspection
A set date where your home is open to the general public. Generally targeting prospective buyers wanting to inspect the premesis.
A void formed or consrtucted during the work.
Open Listing
A listing agreement with one or more real estate agents/brokers to sell or lease one's property property on a non-exclusive basis.
Operating Costs
Costs associated with the operation process.
A right given for a consideration to keep an offer to purchase or lease open for a specific time.
Overhead Expense
An expense indirectly incurred and not directly related to a specific project.
Any person or enitity whereby the names outlined on the title of the property.
An individual who has a vested interest in the land and is issued with a permit to perform building, construction, repair or renovation work to the dwelling on that land.
Owner-Builder Permit
Permission to conduct work as an owner-builder.

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