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Mains Chart
Drawing which shows the main pipes in a pipe system for water, sewage and heating.
Make Good
To restore new or existing work after being damaged.
Mandatory Inspection
A compulsory inspection for a specific stage of the construction.
A hole through which a person may go to gain access to an underground or enclosured structure.
A person, firm, or corporation who produces products off-site.
Manufacturer's Warranty
A warranty for a stated time period, offered by a manufacturer as applicable to that manufacturer's product and its performance or durability.
Limestone that is more or less crystallized by metamorphism, which ranges from granular to compact in texture that is capable of taking a high polish.
Market Study
A forecast of future demand in a particular market area for the type of real estate project proposed for development on a specific site.
Market Value
The price of something on the open market where the buyer and seller are both knowledgeable, and under no pressure to complete the transaction.
Mark Up
The sum added to an estimate or a rate in respect of head office overheads and profit.
Construction of brick, tile, stone, or concrete block, or combination thereof, bonded together with mortar.
Any substances specified for incorporation in the completed project.
Mechanical Engineer
An engineer who designs plumbing, air conditioning, and other environmental systems for buildings.
A process in which a neutral third person assists the parties involved in a dispute to negotiate their own settlement.
A flexible or semi-flexible material that is impervious to water whose primary function is the prevention of water.
Mesh Tie
A wire used to hold sheets of mesh together so they will not move or spread apart when concrete is poured over the mesh.
Mesh Wire
A series of longitudinal and transverse wires arranged at right angles to each other in sheets or rolls, used to reinforce mortar and concrete.
Metal Angle
Metal sections shaped like the letter L made up with legs of equal or unequal length. Structural angles are used in arch bars and built-up work.
An intermediate story that projects in the form of a balcony.
Minor Changes In The Work
Changes ordered by the architect that is within the intent of the contract documents and do not involve a change in the contract sum or the contract time.
Mitre Box
Three-sided box with pre-cut mitre angles to assist in cutting accurate mitres.
Process undertaken to make fundamental changes to the construction works.
Moisture Barrier
A membrane used to prevent the migration of liquid water through the a floor or wall.
Moisture Protection
The act or process of retarding the seepage of moisture.
Commonly consists of cement, water and sand with no aggregate.
A lien against real estate that secures payment of a debt.
The lender under a mortgage.
Mortgage Insurance
Borrowers of money are sometimes advised to pay for 'mortgage insurance' to protect their bank (or other lending institution) should they not be able to keep up with mortgage repayments, due to sickness or unemployment.
A surface covered with small inlaid pieces of porcelain, tile or natural clay materials to form decorative patterns.
A mixture, as of leaves and compost, that covers or is mixed with the earth, often to help enrich the soil: bark, crushed stone or other material used to cover planting beds, retain moisture, reduce weeds, and improve appearance.
Municipal Waste
Waste generated from council waste collection services.

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