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The actual phisical, often manual, work carried out on a project. This can include (but is not limited to) bricklaying, digging, carpentry and lifting.
Labour Only Subcontractors
Subcontractors whose services are limited to the provision of labour.
The insulation material which covers hot water pipes.
Laminated Glass
Two or more layers of glass seperated by a thin layer of flexible clear plastic which holds the glass in place when it breaks, reducing the risk of injury from flying glass.
Laminated Timber
A built up product made of layers or laminations of wood, all with the grain laid parallel and glued or otherwise fastened together.
The surface of the earth and all its natural resources.
Land Contract
A contract for sale of land where title does not pass to the purchaser until all, or a certain number, of the payments have been made; also called "Contract Of Sale".
The owner of property that is rented to a tenant.
Landscape Architect
One whose profession is designing the arrangement of land for human use involving vehicular and pedestrian ways and the planting of groundcover, plants, and trees.
Landscape Drawing
Drawing which shows the composition and processing of the ground for roads, planted areas, external installations, etc.
Land Title
A legal document providing ownership proof of land.
A framework of crossed wood or metal strips.
One that holds property under a lease.
One that conveys property by lease.
Licence, Contractor
See "Contractor Licence".
Licence, Gold
See "Gold licence".
Derived from limestone and is commonly used in mortars and limewashes.
Limited Warranty
A written warranty that fails to meet one or more of the minimum standards for a 'full' warranty. It is a warranty limited to labour or to materials or both for a specified time.
Sheet linings, used internally, fixed to framing, which require a surface finish such as paint, wallpaper,etc. Examples are plasterboard and fibre cement sheeting. Refinished sheet linings is the term used for sheet linings, used internally, fixed to framing, which require either no surface finish or only a clear finish. Examples are plastics laminate and wood paneling.
A horizontal load-bearing member used over doorways and windows for extra support.
Lintel (Steel)
Steel member placed within wall or partition to support loads over an opening.
Liquidated Damages
An amount determined by contract in advance of injury to be paid to compensate a party for an injury or damages.
A contract with a real estate broker, for a limited period of time, to produce a buyer or lessee for real property under specified rental and conditions.
List Of Defects
A listing of those portions of the work that were not constructed corrrectly or are defective.
Litter Screens
Netting screens usually placed on fencing around a site to assist with the capture of litter and debris.
Load Bearing
Supporting a superimposed weight or force.
Load Bearing Stud
A wooden stud which supports an imposed load in addition to its own wieght.
Load Bearing Wall
A wall designed and built to carry superimposed vertical and shear loads as opposed to non-load-bearing walls which carry only their own weight.
Local Council
A body of people who represent and serve the needs and wants of the members of their specified region, whilst regulating and administrating rules in such areas as building and construction, all public arenas etc.

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