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Preventing water from penetrating through.
Any enhancements to value of property including buildings, paving, fencing, landscaping, etc.
A promise to hold a person harmless from liability or loss.
Industrial Waste
Waste that may contain four times the level of contaminants found in solid waste and that needs to be managed with more stringent environmental controls than solid waste. Industrial waste includes stabilised asbestos, asbestos fibre, dust waste and general clinical waste.
Industry Standards
An agreement within a specific private sector industry on material or product usage, details as to use, recommendations as to application.
Inert Waste
Waste in which no active chemical or biological properties are contained.
Entrance or the right to enter.
Insect Screen
A wood or metal frame with fine wire netting to keep out insects whilst allowing ventilation.
To construct on-site.
The engineer's authorised representative assigned to make inspections of contract performance.
Installation diagram
Diagram showing the location of components of an electrical installation and the connections between them.
Any material used to reduce the effects of heat, cold or sound transmission and to reduce fire hazard.
A contract whereby, for a stipulated consideration, one party undertakes to compensate the other for loss on a specified subject of specified perils.
Insurance Premium
The amount paid to an insurance company for protection against property or business losses and liabilities.
Covered by Insurance.
A charge for borrowed money.
Interest Rate
The amount of interest, expressed as a percentage of the principal per period of time.
Interior Decoration Drawing
Drawing which shows furnishing plans, assembly, component range and details for loose and fixed fittings and which is normally drawn by an interior designer.
Interior Decorator
One who selects, and sometimes purchases, furniture, floor coverings, and fabrics, and designs interior colour schemes.
Irrigation (Lawn)
To supply water to grassy areas by artificial means.

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