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The triangular part of the end wall of a building with a sloping roof.
Gable Roof
A roof where two sloping planes join creating a gable end at one or both ends.
Zinc plated for corrosion, protection achieved by hot dipping into molten zinc or by electrolysis.
Galvanised Mesh
Mesh screening protected against corrosion by a zinc coating.
Galvanised Steel
Steel sheeting protected against corrosion by a zinc coating.
Gang Nail
A sheet metal plate that has numerous sharp tabs that act as nails to hold the sheet metal plate over a joint in a light wood truss.
A room or building for storage of equipment, generally used for motor vehicles.
A motor by which mechanical energy is changed into electrical energy.
Glass Block
A hollow masonry unit made of glass.
The use of clear and translucent glass and/or glazing plastics.
Gold Licence
The old 'Gold Licence' is no longer used in the home building industry.
A glassed enclosure used for cultivation or protection of plants.
Greenhouse Effect
The trapping of the sun's warmth in the lower atmosphere of the earth caused by an increase in carbon dioxide.
Gross Floor Area
Total of all enclosed spaces fulfilling the functional requirements of the building measured to the internal structural face of the enclosing walls.
Gross Project Cost
The project cost plus loose furniture, loose equipment and all costs in connection with design, documentation and supervision.
Ground Floor
The floor which is nearest the level of the outside ground.
Ground Level (Finished)
The finished level of a site.
Ground Level (Natural)
The natural level of a site.
Water below the ground surface.
Liquid mortar used for filling joints, cracks, wall and floor tiles and concrete.
Any form of roof water channel.
Gypsum Plasterboard
A lining board compressed of Gypsum plaster.

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