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The face or front of a building.
Face Bricks
Bricks manufactured and designed to be exposed on externa walls or other structures to create a desired finish.
A board, or rolled metal product fixed along the eaves to which a gutter is secured.
Glass in fibrous form used in making textiles and thermal and acoustical insulation and used for reinforcement.
Field Services
A consultant's responsibilities to the owner or client for reviewing the progress of the work, assessing the quality of the installed work, and resolving disparities in the contract documents. These duties and responsibilities are defined in an owner/consultant agreement and committed by the owner to the contractor in the construction contract. Sometimes referred to as, 'Contract Administration'.
To raise the level of land by adding earth moved in from another place or obtained by cutting.
A decorative finish at the top of a gable or at the end of a curtain rod.
Finished Ground Level
The finished level of a building site.
Fire Alarm
A warning apparatus that can be activated to warn of fire danger.
Fire Door
A door which has been manufactured with specific materials and rated: designed to help hold back the spread of fire.
Fire Rated Brick
Brick that has been tested for fire-resistance and then graded for specific construction uses.
Fire Rated Door
A door which has been given a rating of how long in time it can withstand fire before failure.
Fire Rated Frame
A door frame which has been given a rating on how long in time it can withstand fire before failure.
Fire Resistance Rating
The time that a material or assembly will resist fire exposure.
Fire Wall
A fire-resistance wall graded for specific construction and dwelling purposes.
Permanently attached appendage, appliance, or device that is connected to a building system (e.g. plumbing and electrical fixtures).
Sheets of impervious material, usually galvanished iron or lead are strategically placed between joints to prevent the penetration of moisture.
Floor Area (of a building)
The total floor area of the building measured from the outside of the external walls or the centre of a common wall.
Floor Joist
A support beam,commonly installed in parallel with other beams to create a structural floor system, after which floor sheating is fastened.
Flow Diagram
Diagram which shows the flow and the order of connection between components being parts of a system with one or more media, and which is either a water, sewage, heating, air-conditioning or refrigeration system.
A masonry section, usually concrete, in a rectangular form wider than the bottom of the foundation wall or pier it supports.
Footing Beam
A footing beam spans between piles, pads or other beams and acting as a footing.
Footing Reinforcement
The addition of reinforcing material in a concrete pour or placed within the footing to strengthen it.
An experienced individual who works with and usually co-ordinates the site operations.
Temporary structure built to contain concrete while it sets; also called Formwork.
The area of the land on which the structure is built and supported.
Framed Panels
Panels constructed with a frame to which sheet materials are secured, with or without edgings and centre core.
The boundary for the front end of a property.

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