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A right attached to one particular piece of land that allows the owner of that land to use the land of another person in a particular way (e.g. by walking over it or draining water over it).
The lowest overhanging part of a sloping roof which projects beyond the external wall.
A biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment.
The way out; exit.
Electrical Engineer
An engineer who designs electrical systems.
A qualified person who installs and repairs electrical circuits, appliances and performs the entire electrical wiring.
View on a vertical plane.
The gradual wearing away of material as a result of abrasive action commonly caused by moving water or wind.
The anticipated financial cost for which the construction project may absorb.
A person carrying out the estimating function in a building or buiding related organisation. Such a person may be a specialist or may carry out the estimating function in conjunction with other functions, such as quantity surveying, general management, etc.
The mechanical process of removing earth and rock to accommodate a foundation.
Exclusive Rights To Sell
A listing agreement with a real estate agent/broker to sell or lease one's property during a specified period, excluding all other brokers, and with the provision that the broker will receive a commission even if sold by the owner.
Expansion joint
A seperation between two concrete slabs to allow room for the expansion of concrete.
Exterior Plywood
Plywood of naturally durable or treated veneers bonded with waterproof adhesive and capable of withstanding prolonged exposure to severe exterior conditions without failure of the glue-lines.
External Wall Area
The wall area of all the enclosed spaces fulfilling the functional area requirements of the building measured on the outer of external walls and overall windows and doors.
Extra Work
Work performed by a contractor that is not included within the scope of the work defined by the contract documents.

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