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Damp Course
A layer of impervious material which prevents capillary entrance of moisture from the ground or a lower course.
Construction treatment of concrete and/or mortar designed to prevent the penetration of water in the absence hydrostatic pressure.
A general term which refers to all documents conveying property from one person to another.
An imperfection.
The change in shape of a body brought about by the application of a force.
To tear down a building or structure.
Demountable Partitions
Partitions which are installed after the floor, wall and ceiling finishes have been carried out and which are fixed with bolts, screws, explosion-driven pins, etc.
A specified percentage of a total sum of money which may be payable before building work can proceed.
Detail Drawing
Drawing showing parts of a construction or a component, generally enlarged, and including any specific information.
Detailed Excavation Plan
Excavation plan that specifies detailed information for excavation works.
Detention Tanks
Tanks that collect stormwater during heavy rain.
Development Application (DA)
Development Application Forms may be obtained from the local council governing the area in which the property, which is the subject of the proposed application, is situated. Councils each have different forms, and often have different requirements as to what information and documentation must be provided in support of a Development Application. It is important to read the form carefully and have regard to what information and documentation is required.
Development Plan
Plan which covers an extensive area, and which controls both development and use of land and water areas. This is normally prepared by a planning authority.
Diagonal Bracing
That form of bracing that diagonally connects joints at different levels.
A measurable extent of any kind, such as width, length, height, or volume.
The placement of waste into the environment for the purpose of final burial, destruction or for future recovery.
Domestic Waste
Where waste arises from activities within residential premises, excluding wastes discharged to sewer.
Door Jamb
One of the two vertical side members of a door frame.
Double Glass
see Double Glazing.
Double Glazing
Two Parallel sheets of glass with an airspace between.
A pipe positioned to direct roof water from gutters into the drains or storage tanks.
Down Time
The time during which equipment is out of service whilst performing work.
A person that prepares drawings under the supervison of an architect or engineer.
Dual Occupancy
When two residential dwellings are proposed on the same block.
A pipe, tube, or channel carrying air, gas, liquid, or wires.
Refers to a defect in the surface of a concrete slab predominantly caused by excessive trowelling to wet concrete.
A building or part of a building used as a place of residence.

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