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Beam or structural slab that projects beyond its support.
Capital Gain Or Loss
The gain or loss in the sale of a capital asset.
Capital Gains Tax
This is a tax payable on the capital gain made in the sale of investment properties. The capital gain is the profit made between the final sale price and the original purchase price.
A craft worker skilled in woodwork.
Engineered fabric constructions to serve as floor coverings.
Carpet Tile
Carpet supplied in sheets or small squares and is installed with the use of adhesives.
An open-sided structure commonly sheltered with a solid roof, designed to protect cars from some of the effects of sun and rain.
A window in which the sash opens with hinges and pivots on an axis along the vertical line of the frame; casement window.
Cathedral Ceiling
A ceiling which takes the shape of the roof.
A hollow or void space within a mass.
Cavity Wall
Also known as a "double brick wall", the cavity is the distance between the internal brick wall and the external brick wall that is used for protection from moisture and air space for ventilation.
The overhead inside lining of a room.
Ceiling Joists
A series of timber members spanning the room, used to fix the ceiling lining.
Basement used for storage, heating plant and for purposes other than habitation.
Cement Asbestos
A material composed of portland cement, fine aggregate and asbestos fibers.
Cement Grout
A thin mortar used for pointing-up and finishing joints between tile units.
Cement Mortar
A mixture of cement, lime, sand, or other aggregates, and water, used for plastering over masonry or to lay blocks, bricks or tiles.
Center Of Gravity
The point at which the weight of a body may be considered to act; center of mass.
Center To Center
The dimension from the centreline of one member to the centreline of the next member.
Made of clay and permanently hardened by heat.
Ceramic Adhesive
Used for bonding tile to a surface: rubber solvents; rubber- and resin-based emulsions used as adhesives.
Ceramic Tile
A unit made from clay and/or a mixture of clay that has either a glazed or unglazed face.
Certificate Of Occupancy
A document issued by the building authority stating that a building is approved for occupancy.
Cessation Of Work
The ending of work on a construction site without completion.
Chair (reinforcing)
Metal supports made of fabricated wire, made to hold reinforcing steel in position whilst the concrete is poured.
Chalk Line
A straight working line generated by snapping a chalked core between two points from a chalk reel.
Charge-Out Rate
A labour rate that includes the all-in labour rate plus supervision, overheads, small tools and profit.
A groove cut into masonry to house electrical wiring, plumbing lines and other services.
A term used to describe a simple tabular listing of tasks and items, usually intended to be ticked or 'checked' as each item is obtained or task completed.
A vertical, noncombustible structure used to direct smoke and other gases to combustion out of a building.
A main member of a truss, braced by web members of the truss.
Civil Engineer
An engineer specialising with the designs of public works.
Civil Engineering Works
Construction works that comprises a structure, such as a dam, bridge, rod, railway, runway or sewerage system; or the results of operations such as dredging, earthwork, geotechnical processes, but excluding a building and its associated site works.
The non-load bearing external surfacing of a building designed to provide a weather-proof enclosure, fixed to framing.
Flat headed galvanised nails.
Cold Joint
A visible line formed when the placement of concrete is delayed.
Collar Beam
A horizontal beam near the top of a trussed rafter system attached to opposing rafters to resist thir spreading.
Commercial (Zoning)
Land able to be used for commercial purposes, land that includes premises not used totally for residential purposes, and land not used for farming, quarry or extractive industry purposes.
The process whereby the volume of freshly placed material is reduced or flattened by vibration.
Company Title
Ownership developed as a way of allowing apartments in flat buildings to be seperately owned.
Composite items are items made from more than one material where each material plays a significant role ( e.g. windows with timber frames and aluminium sashes).
Composite Panels
Panels constructed by laminating sheet materials, with or without edgings but with no framing.
The adjustment and settlement of a dispute in a friendly manner.
A mixture of portland cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate, admixtures, air, and water.
Concrete Bond
Transfer of force between concrete and reinforcement at their interface.
Concrete Cover
Distance between concrete surface and surface of reinforcement.
Concrete Mix
Combination of materials required to make concrete.
Concrete Pump
A mechanical apparatus which forces concrete to the placing position through a pipeline or hose.
Concrete Slab
Concrete construction, horizontal or nearly horizontal.
Maintenance to preserve the appearance of a building or other structure, particularly when of historic interest; or to preserve an ecosystem in nature.
Assembled or complete part of construction works that result from work on site.
Construction Appraisal
The monetary estimate, evaluation or valuation of the parts or items in a structure.
Construction Joint
A groove seperating the concrete slab in a structure to allow for expansion and contraction and to prevent cracks within the concrete.
Construction Loan
A loan to fund the costs of a construction project.
Construction Manager
A party having a contract to perform construction management services.
Construction Project Management
The process of planning, organising and administrating control and result assessment of a construction project.
Construction Specification
Specification for the production process of a particular project.
Construction Survey
The quantity and quality analysis and appraisal of the physical parts in a structure, for determining and establishing its economic value.
A specialist commissioned to plan, design, schedule, quantify, cost, and advise specifications for a site review of a construction contract for a new or renovated facility, or a portion or all of these tasks.
Containment Nets
Series of nets designed to control and prevent the fall of small objects or tools, to restrict dust or to provide protection for the public from falling objects.
Contaminated Waste
Waste that generates a level of contaminants considered high enough to pose a health risk either during or after disposal unless done so in accordance with strict regulations.
Contingency Allowance
A stipulated sum identified in the contract. It is usually used for undefined work. Overhead and profit are included in the contingency allowance, not in the contract price. A contingency allowance is expended and adjusted by change order.
Continuous Beam
A beam that is supported by more than two supports.
Legally enforceable agreement to supply goods, execute work or provide services.
Contract Bonds
The approved form of security, executed by the contractor and the contractor's surety or sureties, quaranteeing complete execution of the contract.
A person contracting with the owner (client), undertaking the agreed work.
Contractor License
A permit issued to builders and tradespeople from the Office of Fair Trading after they have demonstrated a certain level of training, experience and technical skills in their chosen field.
Contract Price
The monies payable by the owner to contractor for completion of the work in accordance with the contract documents as stated in the agreement.
The act of transferring the property from one owner to another, usually by deed.
Cooling Off Period
A period of time in which a buyer can withdraw from the purchase of a home (other than by auction).
Core Drilling
The process of drilling into a masonry substrate (usually extracts a cylindrical sample of concrete), which can be used to install pipe or conduit through an existing concrete or masonry wall.
A moulding used for the finishing of the corner where the ceiling meets the wall.
The deterioration of metal by chemical or electrochemical reaction resulting from exposure to weathering, moisture, chemicals or other agents.
A formal group of experts brought together on a regular basis to debate matters within that sphere of expertise, and with advisory powers to government.
External space bounded by buildings, walls or fences.
Section which shows a cut that is perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the object.
Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal.
Cubicle Partitions
Partitions which do not extend to the ceiling.
Completely dry and free of moisture.
Cut and Fill
Excavated material removed from one location and used as fill material in another location.

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