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A platform that extends from the exterior wall of a building, usually enclosed.
A row of balusters topped by a railing on a staircase, porch, or balcony.
Barge Board
A sloping board, parallel with the pitch of the roof along a gable which covers the ends of roof timbers.
Barge Capping
A timber or metal cap placed between the top of the barge and the roof surface.
Base Bid
The amount of money stated in the bid as the sum for which the bidder offers to perform the work described in the bidding documents, prior to the adjustments for alternate bids that have been submitted.
A plaster coat applied prior to the application of the finishing coat.
A storey generally below ground level.
Basement Story
Storey below the ground floor.
Bay Window
A window designed to project out of an external wall.
A straight structural member designed and engineered to resist transverse loads.
Beam (Concrete)
A horizontal structural member engineered to support and transfer loads to its vertical members.
Beam (Grade)
An end-supported horizontal load-bearing foundation that supports an exterior wall or other building loads.
Beam (Precast)
A concrete horizontal structual member that is cast and cured off-site and delivered to the construction site.
Beam (Reinforcing)
A horizontal member intended to strengthen and support the load of a structure.
A sub-floor timber beam placed on the tops of piers(resting on ant-caps) for an intended function to support floor joists.
Bench Mark
A point of known marked as a reference for the evaluation other elevations.
Bid Bond
A form of security executed by the bidder or principle in conjunction with a surety to quarantee that the bidder will enter into a contract within a specified period of time and will furnish the required bonds for performance and labour and materials payment.
Bid Opening
The physical opening and tabulation of sealed bids following the time specified in the bidding requirements. This term is preferable to bid letting.
Bi-Fold Door
A door with two leaves, hinged together to close on itself: one egde of each leaf is hinged at the jamb and the other edge is connected and guided by an overhead track.
Bilateral Contract
A contract in which two contracting parties are bound to fulfill obligations towards each other.
Bill Of Quantities
Document for tendering, usually prepared in a standard form, comprising both a descriptive list of quantites of works and a description of the materials, workmanship and other matters required for construction works.
A class of black or dark-coloured solid, semisolid, or viscous cementitious substances, natural or manufactured, composed principally of high molecular weight hydrocarbons, of which asphalts, tars, pitches and asphalties are typical.
Resembling, containing, or impregnated with various mixtures of hydrocarbons, like tar or asphalt, together with their nonmetallic derivatives.
Bituminous Damp-Proofing
Impregnated mixtures of hydrocarbons, like tar or asphalt, together with their nonmetallic derivatives used on a surface to prevent moisture from passing through.
Bituminous Membrane
A thin layer or sheet of an impregnated mixture of hydrocarbons, like tar or asphalt, together with their nonmetallic derivatives: used as damp proofing.
A physical imperfection that affects the appearance of a finished surface.
A panel, shade, or screen used on a window to block out light, give protection, add insulation, or as decoration.
Box Gutter
Box Gutters are internal roof gutters, which discharge water internally through a sump.
Breach Of Contract
The failure, without, legal justification, to fulfill obligations that are the whole or part of an agreement, written or oral.
A brick mason.
Brick Ties
Steel wire or plastic strips placed between bricks (on the inside of the wall) designed to connect the internal and external walls for a double brick walls.
Working document which specifies at any point in time the relevant needs and aims, resources of the client and user, the context of the project and any appropriate design requirements within which all subsequent briefings (when needed) and designing can take place.
Broom Finish
A finish applied to an uncured concrete surface, to provide skid or slip resistance, made by dragging a broom lightly across the concrete surface.
A management plan proposed to accomplish a financial objective.
A structure that provides shelter for its occupants or contents and stands in one place.
Building Certificate
Certificate issued by council stating an order to have a building demolished, altered or rebuilt.
Building Code
A set of rules governing the quality of construction within the community intended to protect the public health and safety.
Building Code Of Australia
A uniform set of technical provisions for the design and construction of buildings and other structures throughout Australia.
Building Floor Area
The total floor area of the building measured from the outside of the external walls or the centre of a common wall.
Building Inspection
An inspection to determine whether building work performed by a tradesperson or builder is defective.
Building Line (setback)
Setbacks are the minimum distance from any boundary to which a structure may be built.
Bulk Excavation Plan
Excavation plan that specifies information for the performance of overall excavation works.

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