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Inquiry into the Sustainability Charter

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Inquiry into the Sustainability Charter

The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Environment and Heritage report on the Inquiry into a Sustainability Charter has received strong support from The Planning Institute of Australia (PIA).

The Inquiry into the Sustainability Charter was a recommendation from the Sustainable Cities Inquiry, which PIA played a significant role in advocating and influencing the recommendations by participating in a roundtable discussion and also presenting a submission on the topic of Sustainable Communities. PIA fully supports the recommendations for the Sustainability Charter Inquiry:

  1. A statutory national Sustainability Commission be established headed by a Sustainability Commissioner that would define what sustainability means for the Australia with objectives and milestones and evaluate progress.
  2. A national Sustainability Charter be developed with targets, objectives and timeframes and cover the built environment amongst other sectors.
  3. The Australian Government take a leadership role in advancing sustainability outcomes through the use of monetary incentives from governments and the community and assess existing and future policy against the proposed Sustainability Charter.

“These recommendations go a long way to supporting the PIA’s Sustainable Communities Policy, and the establishment of a Sustainability Commission is the first step in developing urban action plans with performance targets for improving outcomes for our cities and towns,” said Sue Holliday, PIA National President.

“To date the Federal Government is yet to respond to the Sustainable Cities Inquiry recommendations so we are unlikely to hear about its response to a Sustainability Charter prior to the election. But regardless of the outcome of the Federal election PIA will continue to lobby the Federal Government to implement the Sustainability Charter and the PIA Sustainable Communities Policy,” Ms Holliday said.

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