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Repair Concrete and Masonry

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Repair Concrete and Masonry

Concrete Repair

The main cause of concrete damage and cracks is moisture. To repair concrete you will need a wire brush, concrete sealant and concrete patch product.

To begin with clean out the cracks using the brush or even a strong jet of water. When the smaller cracks or damaged parts are dry fill with the concrete sealant. The larger cracks can be filled with the patching product, these can be coloured to match your existing concrete and will expand as they dry. They are usually powder form that mix with water. Whey dry seal or paint if your concrete was formerly painted. Sealing and bonding agents will increase the bonding properties and the tensile strength of the cement mixes.

Masonry Repair

Similar to concrete cracks and damage, moisture is the usual culprit when it comes to masonry damage. However before beginning repairs inspect your wall (be it either brick, stone or block) to ascertain the actual cause of the damage. If the cracks appear along the joints of the bricks then the cause is moisture. Apart from repairing the cracks the source of the moisture needs to be located and sorted otherwise the repair will not be permanent. If more than one brick is cracked than a professional should be called in, just to establish whether there is any actual foundation issues.

Using a chisel and mallet, knock out the mortar to a depth of about half an inch along the crack, then wet the area with a hose to stop the brick from soaking moisture from the mortar. Using pre-mixed mortar if it is a small job, shovel a small amount of mortar with a pointing trowel and form a circular shape with it. Place this into the groove and use a piece of cardboard or mortarboard beneath it to catch any falling mortar. If the job is a large one and you need to create you own mortar mix one part cement with one part lime and six parts builder’s sand. This is an easy job once you get the hang of keeping the mortar in the chiseled groove.

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