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Cost comparison between garage and carport

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I would like to know the cost of building a double garage with a tiled roof unattached to the house, and the cost of a carport with a tiled roof.


Cost indication of building double garage detached with brick walls and tiles on roof inclusive of labour, materials, GST, average profit of 15% for builder and professional fees such as architectural and structural engineering is $1293 per square metre (January 2006 costs). The cost of building a carport with tiled roof with the inclusions as above is $830 per square metre.

The size of a double garage or carport can be taken as being 36 square metres therefore consider $46,548 for the first and $29,880 for the second option. Please note that these are to be used as indications only. Approach your local architect or the Building Designers Association (BDA t: 0500 555 054) who will be able to get your project underway and give you a better understanding of the costs involved after paying the site a visit

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