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Looking to the future for public housing solutions

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Looking to the future for public housing solutions

September 2007

WA Housing and Works Minister Michelle Roberts has launched an innovative pre-fabricated house that could help address some of the major issues currently confronting the housing construction industry.

The houses, known as Perrinepods, are a modular, concrete housing ‘pod’ system that can be used as single storey or multi-storey housing.

“Housing construction times are a major issue in the current economic climate,” Mrs Roberts said.

“Perrinepods go a long way to addressing these particular issues.

“The State Government, through the Department of Housing and Works’ housing construction team, has been looking closely at whether the Perrinepods could fit into their public housing building program.

“As an example, one inner-city project, a 15-unit, multi-storey development that would take between 15 -18 months to construct by conventional means, could be completed within three months using Perrinepods.

“Early indications suggest cost savings of around seven per cent could also be achieved,” she said.

The pod concept has been created by Perth architect Jean-mic Perrine and the concrete sections of the pod are manufactured in Henderson.

The Perrinepod is made from pre-cast concrete and is cyclone and earthquake proof.

The pods come in one, two and three-bedroom sizes. They can be linked or stacked to make larger housing developments.

“As the pods are prefabricated, the availability of conventional trades is not a major issue either,” the Minister said.

“One of the other major benefits is that once design requirements have been finalised and site approvals have been obtained, the pod can be delivered to a site within 30 days and when used as single storey housing, can be completed ready for occupancy two to three days later - a truly remarkable product.”

The Department of Housing and Works is already examining a range of innovative construction techniques through its Innovation in Affordable Housing program.

Some of the construction materials under consideration include wall systems consisting of hollow styrofoam blocks filled with reinforced concrete, insulated polystyrene/colourbond sandwich panel roofing and a plastic foam core wall system.

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