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Cement for the DIYer

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Cement for the DIYer

Over the last decade do it yourselfers have become far more ambitious with the projects they were prepared to tackle. Often those projects involving cement and concrete were avoided and given to tradesman because of their perceived degree of difficulty. With the explosion in garden and DIY TV programs, and the emergence of the backyard as an extension of Australian lifestyle, consumers have been more prepared to take on the challenge of using cement and paving products.  Landscaping and construction projects are no longer taboo and clinics in the major hardware stores around the country reflect the increasing demand amongst consumers who want to tackle outdoor construction projects. The result has been a steady increase in the demand for cement based building products. 

Cement Australia, the nation’s leading supplier of cement, markets a wide range of cement based construction products including a range of pre-mixed cement products to which you just add water.   The Cement Australia dry mix range includes Concrete Mix, Mortar Mix, Sand and Cement for paving, Rapid Set Concrete and Render It for rendering brick walls. A wide range of Cement Australia oxides is also available to colour mortar and render.

Product packaging has been designed with the DIYer in mind with simple pictures and instructions that clearly differentiate the use of the cement product and how it can be best applied. Cement bags are colour coded and a wide range of point of sale and consumer step by step user guides have been made available to assist supporting retailers help customers use Cement Australia products effectively. And the good news is that Cement Australia has a wide range of different pack sizes to suit most projects from 20kg bags to 5kg bags for small maintenance projects.

Recognizing the increasing demand for information Cement Australia has created a fantastic DIY resource centre on their web site. The resource centre section includes a range of self help DVD’s, brochures and product information all designed to give the do it yourselfer all he or she needs to know about tackling the most popular outdoor projects including garden edges, pathways & slabs, paving and letterboxes. They also have a store locator which will allow you to find your nearest supplier of the Cement Australia products required for your project.

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