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Fencing Considerations

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Fencing Considerations

by Pietro Scalise

When considering a timber fence for your property, remember that in an inner city location soundproofing and privacy are primary concerns whilst in suburban situations the choice is primarily dictated by aesthetics. The style of fencing should also be in harmony with the style of your home. Tall and overlapped paling fences are ideal for soundproofing your backyard against noise. Treated pine is usually used for fencing purposes so remember that the in-ground posts will have to be H4 treated pine as they will be prone to attack from fungus, moisture and termites; the railings and palings can be H3 treated pine and must not come into contact with the ground. Remember to use hot-dipped galvanised nails and a premium quality coat of paint to protect your new timber fence and there will be no reason why it shouldn’t last 50 years.

As a guideline, inclusive of labour, materials, GST and a profit margin for the tradesman, brushwood thatched fencing will cost up to $200/m. Picket fencing 1.2m high at $115/m with 3m wide 1.5m high western red cedar double gate will cost $1170. Treated pine standard design 1.5m high paling fence costs $90/m whilst 1.8m high is $103/m. Add to this a 1.5m high and 3m wide hardwood paling gate and it will add $732.

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