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Houses for $120,000 in Regional Town

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Houses for $120,000 in Regional Town

August 2007

Deniliquin is situated on the Edward River, 70 kilometres north of Echuca, population 8000, and has been nominated as the type of regional town which should be targeted by Governments with Tree Change incentives to address the critical housing affordability crisis.

Archicentre, the building advisory service of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects, earlier this week said the land affordability crisis in Australian Capital Cities should be used as a catalyst to rebuild the communities and economies of regional and country Australia.

Archicentre has urged the Prime Minister John Howard, the Leader of the Opposition Kevin Rudd, and all State Governments to investigate the potential for a national initiative on 'Tree Change' incentives to alleviate the land affordability crisis in Australia with the same political intensity that is being mobilized over Australia's drought problems.

Robert Caulfield, Managing Director of Archicentre said the land affordability crisis in Australia should see Governments at all levels introduce strategic 'Tree Change' incentives to first home buyers

“The construction cost of housing in Australia is at its most affordable with the building and construction industry being more efficient and competitive than any time in the past - the real problem is the cost,” Mr Caulfield said.

“The New South Wales Government had ignored the potential to use the existing infrastructure and vibrant community of Deniliquin for a pilot program along the lines of what has been suggested by Archicentre a year ago,” said Gary Baker, Managing Editor of Deniliquin Newspapers.

“Ministers and Government officials talked about it and then did nothing.

“Deniliquin is described as an 'oasis on the edge of the outback', and gained national publicity last year when statistics showed it was the safest town in New South Wales.

“We have all the infrastructure needed, and cheap housing availability, but need more people. The latest Census showed a small population decline.

“We just need John Howard and Kevin Rudd to visit and see the potential,” he said.

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