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The View on Bi-fold Doors

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The View on Bi-fold Doors

by Lyndall Lee Arnold

Bi-fold glass doors are becoming increasingly popular as an exciting alternative to traditional sliding glass doors to open up larger areas and create a spacious, indoor-outdoor feel in living and bedrooms.

Bi-folds create a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors and allow larger openings than sliding and the lightweight new range of aluminium frames are stylish, easy to care for, long lasting and are available in a range of designer colours to suit most interior and exterior colour themes.

But to ensure that you get the best result and maximise the usage of your bi-fold doors there are a few points to consider.

Take time to investigate the locking device options, which are available to ensure they suit your location and your needs. Some devices are too cumbersome too use, installed too high for the average person to reach and as such, opening the doors just becomes too hard!

Look for the easy to operate, non-key locking devices, which are available and make sure that they are installed within easy arm's reach. Also, keep in mind that flyscreens and security screens cannot be installed in conjunction with bi-fold doors. A smart solution is to install a fixed door and a set of frameless sash windows or louvres at one end of the set of bi-fold doors.

The fixed door provides quick and easy access when you don't want to open the complete set of bi-folds and the louvres or windows allow for the installation of screens and controlled ventilation.

Install the fixed door so it opens out and consider a parliament hinge so it will open out to 180 degrees and lay flat against the outside wall or windows for a seamless opening with the bi-folds.

Keep in mind however, that parliament hinges have a weight limit to consider before deciding on the size of the door and allow sufficient casing with the louvres for screen installation.

A little forward planning and you'll maximise the dramatic effect and usage of this exciting stylish inclusion in your home.

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