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Feature a Door

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Feature a Door

by Lyndall Lee Arnold

It’s not uncommon to have a guest bathroom leading off from the main living or dining rooms and while it’s convenient, it can be less than discreet and at times look out of place and lead to embarrassment.

A clever to overcome this situation is to make a feature of the bathroom door as created seen in a recent renovation of a Central Coast beach house.

A single, recessed sliding door allowed accessed to guest toilet, directly from the living area. To create a more discreet entry, the owners replaced the existing door with an oversized sliding door.

The door was mounted on the outside rather than in the wall recess and a fascia board installed over the tracking on the outside.

For added impact a large handle was fixed and the door painted in a feature colour, to contrast with the walls.

The intention was to create a look reminiscent of a train door and the effect is amazing. The large sized door is far more in keeping with the spacious room and creates the impression that the door leads to another larger room or separate area of the house.

Very few people guess it leads to the smallest room in the house.

A similar effect can be achieved by mounting artwork to an internal door or using special paint effects to create a feature of the door and in effect it ‘disappears’ as a door and ‘appears’ as a design or artistic feature.

And most importantly in this case, greater privacy and discretion for guests.

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