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NSW Government builds on housing sustainability

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NSW Government builds on housing sustainability

July 2007

NSW Planning Minister Frank Sartor has reminded homeowners that the BASIX building sustainability index scheme would expand to include more home renovations after July 1.

Mr Sartor said the roll-out of the BASIX scheme included requirements for water and energy savings in renovations above certain thresholds.

From the start of the new financial year the threshold for alterations and additions requiring BASIX certificates will fall from $100,000 to $50,000.

“The Iemma Government is committed to increasing sustainability in new homes, to help meet our water and energy savings targets in the State Plan,” Mr Sartor said.

“A report released recently showed the scheme had already saved enough water and energy to fill 1,100 Olympic swimming pools and take 13,400 cars off the road.

“By 2014/15 BASIX will save an estimated 28 billion litres of water and 800,000 tonnes of carbon emissions each year.

“The scheme also benefits the hip-pocket, with home owners living in BASIX compliant homes saving up to $600 each year on their water and energy bills.”

Mr Sartor said home renovators can access the online assessment tool at and receive a free BASIX certificate to submit with their council development application.

“Homeowners and builders across the state have embraced this system,” Mr Sartor said.

“It provides a flexible tool which offers homeowners a choice of measures to reach the targets.

“In fact, the system has been such a success that the Council of Australian Governments is considering adopting BASIX as a national benchmark tool.”

Since October 2006, the Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) has applied to new home alterations and additions valued at $100,000 or more and swimming pool of 40,000 litres capacity or more, which required planning approval.

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