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Canberra to host first National Renovation Conference

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Canberra to host first National Renovation Conference

May 2007

Canberra’s peak building and construction industry organisation, Master Builders ACT has scored a winner on behalf of the national capital, ensuring that Canberra will host Australia’s first-ever National Remodelling Conference, being held 11-13 July.

The acting Executive Director of the MBA-ACT, Jerry Howard, said that home renovation and remodelling is now representing an increasingly significant portion of the Australian residential building sector. The national conference was already attracting high levels of interest from both around Australia and overseas.

Mr Howard said that ‘remodelling’ represented an umbrella description for a wide range of building works from extensions and general renovations through to kitchens, bathrooms and flooring. 

“In general, remodelling encompasses work carried out on an existing property with particular focus on work carried out whilst the home is occupied,” he said. “That is something which gives rise to a very different approach and a much closer working relationship with clients,” he said

Mr Howard said the significance of the Canberra conference could be measured by the fact that remodelling represented the fast-growing segment of the building and construction industry across Australia with forecast growth of up to 70 per cent over the next five years.

He said that those people attending the Canberra conference would gain a wide range of benefits by being able to access the latest available information as well as the views of leading experts from around Australia and overseas. Builders from the ACT have already attended a similar conference in the US and, as a result, has dramatically improved their business and profitability.

Among the international speakers addressing the conference are Victoria Downing, President of Remodellers Advantage Inc., a consulting company that provides US remodellers with instant access to key business management tools. Tim Faller who founded Field Training Services - a firm committed to training production staff in good job-site management, will also be addressing the conference.

“Whether a company is already involved in remodelling or just thinking about getting into the sector, this is a conference which will deliver them a broad range of vital information,” Mr Howard said.

The Conference will be held from 11-13 July in Canberra. For a brochure or more details please contact Kate Glanville at the MBA: p. 02 6247 2099, e. or visit the MBA website at

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