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Alice Springs Goes Solar

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Alice Springs Goes Solar

Alice Springs has been named as Australia’s next solar city.

Chief Minister Clare Martin said it’s a great victory for everyone who has worked so hard to win the bid, including the NT Government which provided $145,000.

“Alice Springs will become one of the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient towns in the country,” Ms Martin said.

“It sends a strong message to the world that the Northern Territory is strongly committed to energy conservation and savings.”

Alice Springs will be transformed as a Solar City – the NT Government will provide $4.9m towards the $21 million project, which will include:

  • A trial of 200 smart meters in homes and businesses
  • Widespread installation of grid-connected Photo Voltaic (PV) systems which convert solar energy into electricity
  • Residential and commercial customers will be offered a range of energy efficiency services and products

“It’s wonderful that our support for Alice Springs to join the solar cities program has paid off,” said Ms Martin.

“The NT Government, Alice Springs Town Council, the Australian Greenhouse Office and several other organisations have all worked together to make this happen.”

The Solar City program will be funded by the Commonwealth Solar Cities fund, the NT Government and the Territory-managed Renewable Remote Power Generation Program.

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