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Free Home Safety for Canberrans

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Free Home Safety for Canberrans

Police and Emergency Services Minister Simon Corbell has encouraged householders to take positive steps to improve their home security when he launched the Government’s new Home Safety Program.


Under the program all ACT householders can use the service completely free of charge to improve their home safety through an informed home security assessment.


“Through a combination of targeted responses the new service will assist up to 2000 householders per year,” Mr Corbell said.


Clients in the Home Safety Program are grouped into one of three levels depending on their ability and vulnerability.


“All clients will receive a self-assessment and information kit specific to the program which includes dedicated ACT-oriented products targeting theft prevention. Some clients will be able to conduct their own home security audits using this extensively detailed self-assessment information package”, said Mr Corbell.


“People with moderate capacity will be invited to free Home Safety Program seminars conducted by uniformed emergency services staff who will advise on home security and safety. These participants will be encouraged to bring photos of their properties’ lighting, access and pathways to the seminars to enable personal advice to be given.


“The most vulnerable householders will receive a comprehensive home security audit at their home entirely free of charge from either a licensed security consultant dedicated to the Home Safety Program or an officer of the ACT Fire Brigade. 


“While referrals in the new program are expected to come primarily from police, they can also come from community sector agencies and through self-referral,” Mr Corbell said.


The Department of Justice and Community Safety is contracting SupportLink to deliver the Home Safety Program.  

“The Home Safety program is an excellent illustration of building on existing resources and linkages, through partnerships both within agencies at various levels of government and between the Government and the community sector,” Mr Corbell said,

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