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More land released in ACT

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More land released in ACT

Construction of the new “Brindabellas Bonython” estate in Tuggeranong, ACT is well underway with the estate part of a $60 million land development program being undertaken by the ACT Government, Planning Minister Simon Corbell has announced.

The estate was launched late last year with the first land release in December 2006. The Land Development Agency’s release of some 200 allotments is continuing next month and includes a product mix that will suit a range of housing types.

“I’m delighted to observe the busy activity underway at “Brindabellas Bonython”. The estate is part of the largest residential construction program the ACT Government has undertaken. Currently there is some $60 million worth of civil works underway in the ACT to service and supply land for new housing projects, and this level of investment in civil works provides work for around 600-650 people,” Mr Corbell said.

“This level of investment in civil construction projects is certainly the largest the Government has undertaken to service the supply of land for housing. It signifies a substantial construction program and represents a significant benefit to the local economy, particularly through employment and the use of local contractors and service providers.”

Construction of “Brindabellas Bonython” is estimated to be completed this spring and future residents and their builders can start constructing new homes by the end of the year.

“The estate’s design aims to increase amenity through integration with the established suburb of Bonython and its adjacent bushland setting. The new estate would also give current Bonython residents the opportunity to build a new home, better suited to their future needs, in the suburb in which they have lived for some many years,” Mr Corbell said.

“This new quality land development offers housing diversity and is conveniently located to community services and shops. Future residents will have easy access to the surrounding recreational areas along the Murrumbidgee River corridor. Central to the development will be a quality landscaped park with a connection to Stranger Pond and good access to Pine Island recreational reserve.”

The majority of the blocks on the estate will achieve four-star energy rating or higher and the new master planned estate incorporates a range of water sensitive urban design measures. Storm water will be directed to nearby open spaces and ponds for irrigation of the estate’s park.

“This year the ACT Government is providing some 2000 dwellings in the accelerated land release program. This supply represents a more than doubling of last year’s program. A mix of allotments is being supplied ACT-wide to accelerate supply and ensure a range of housing types to suit different lifestyles and needs,” Mr Corbell said.

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