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There's more to affordable housing than Land release in SA

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There's more to affordable housing than Land release in SA

The State Government needs to commit to better planning to address South Australia’s Housing affordability crisis and not just bow to development industry pressures to release more land on the urban fringe.

“Where people live, how they travel, having access to jobs, shops and schools is equally as important as being able to afford a home,” State President Gary Mavrinac said.

“Housing affordability needs to consider these factors or “hidden costs” of development to the homebuyer and the rest of the community.

“The planning and development industry need to work together with the community to look at innovative ways of achieving affordable housing within our established suburbs.

“Higher densities, relaxed open space provisions, limiting the size of homes and introducing new and more sustainable materials will help to achieve housing outcomes that are affordable in both the short and long term.

“The development industry’s current focus on releasing more land on the urban fringe to solve the housing affordability crisis is shortsighted and it will not achieve the best outcomes for South Australia.

“Relying only on continued urban sprawl to house our working families and lower income earners places is a quick fix and is not a good planning outcome for South Australians,” President Gary Mavrinac said.

The Planning Institute has been lobbying the State Government to take a broader planning perspective on the issues surrounding housing affordability to consider the long term consequences of its actions on all South Australians.

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