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Green Electricity Watch

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Green Electricity Watch

As the world debates dangerous climate change and looks to our leaders for solutions, a new report by leading Australian environment groups shows each of us can help change climate change today by making the switch to accredited GreenPower electricity.

Launched today by the Total Environment Centre, Australian Conservation Foundation and WWFAustralia, Green Electricity Watch 2006 is an independent ranking of GreenPower electricity products offered by Australian electricity retailers, providing consumers with a simple guide to all the GreenPower products available and which ones make a real difference in reducing global warming.

Origin Energy and TRUenergy emerge as the electricity retailers with the best GreenPower products.

“Electricity consumption is the biggest cause of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions – by buying electricity with the highest amount of accredited GreenPower, we help boost the demand for clean, renewable energy which immediately cuts our own greenhouse emissions” said Monica Richter, Sustainability Program Manager for the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF).

“There are significant differences between the various GreenPower products on offer and how far they go in reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. We have many requests for advice from people who are confused by the wide array of claims made by retailers,” said Jeff Angel, Executive Director of the Total Environment Centre. “Green Electricity Watch makes it easy for consumers to make the best choices and ensure they are buying products with the best environmental results”.

“Australia is rich in clean, renewable energy sources like wind, solar, bioenergy and geothermal, but we still source 92% of our electricity from fossil fuels like coal,” said Dr Ray Nias, Conservation Director of WWF-Australia. “It is through buying accredited GreenPower that you will help drive the creation of new, renewable energy and reduce our dependence on dirty fossil fuels”.

The Green Electricity Watch report ranks GreenEarth Solar and GreenEarth Wind (Origin Energy) and TRUenergy Wind Power (TRUenergy) as the best GreenPower products on the market. A new website has also been launched to help consumers - visit

GreenPower is government-accredited clean, renewable energy sourced from the sun, the wind, water and waste. However while many GreenPower products include only a small percentage of accredited GreenPower, it is the accredited portion that makes the difference to our environment.

Buying accredited GreenPower electricity derived from renewable sources is the best way individuals can contribute to reducing Australia’s greenhouse pollution. But importantly, we also need the Australian Government to significantly increase its Renewable Energy Target to encourage greater investment in renewable energy and cut our emissions,” said Monica Richter.

Visit to find a Green Electricity provider in your state.

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