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Watch out for DIY disasters

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Watch out for DIY disasters

That is the warning from QLD Minister for Public Works, Housing and Information and Communication Technology, Robert Schwarten, and the Queensland Building Services Authority (BSA).

"There have been several cases over the years of home owners attempting to do home renovations, perhaps beyond their capabilities, and ending up with an even worse situation on their hands.

“Instances of showers being installed without waterproofing, plumbing not being connected correctly, and even the restumping of homes, have been recorded, all with serious repercussions to the home owner.

“The damage to their homes, stress, extra money to repair the work, and the potential injuries that could have resulted are nothing to be joked about.”

BSA General Manager Ian Jennings said home owners should always check to make sure their builder or contractor is licensed.

“Use the free on-line search at or call 1300 BSA BSA,” Mr Jennings said.

“A BSA licence search will give you a variety of useful information about the contractor, including their name, business address and licence number.

“The free search will also give you the licence classes the contractor holds, along with details of any directions to rectify defective building work or Commercial and Consumer Tribunal orders issued against the contractor in the last five years.

“All building work performed in Queensland and valued in excess of $1,100, must be carried out by a licensed contractor or by an owner builder.

“We recommend the use of a licensed contractor even for small jobs, because the licence indicates the contractor has met certain minimum standards which will result in the consumer getting a better job done.

“Always ask to sight their BSA licence card and if they can’t show you their licence card… show them the door,” he said.

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