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Disposing of asbestos

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We recently pulled down a wall that turned out to be asbestos.

Can you tell me what to do with it? Is there a proper procedure to follow or can I just put it in the bin?


Never place asbestos in a normal household waste bin, it is illegal. Asbestos removal is a serious issue and should only be done by professionals. They may be found in the Yellow Pages or local Business Directories. WorkCover-approved personal protective gear must be worn and all asbestos must be wet before removal to minimise air born particles. Depending on the quantity you may need to order a skip bin and line it with 2 layers of Builders Plastic then wrap and duct tape to seal it in.

There are many safety issues concerned with the above and it should be left for the professionals. Ensure the asbestos removalist is licensed and WorkCover approved.

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