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Victorian Homes Doing Green Renovations

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Victorian Homes Doing Green Renovations

The Victorian Government is helping Victorians make their homes more environmentally friendly through a $2.1 million partnership with the Australian Conservation Foundation.

Minister for Climate Change, John Thwaites, said the GreenHome program would help Victorians make practical and important changes around their home.

“By saving water and energy, people are helping the environment and also saving on their household bills,” Mr Thwaites said.

“GreenHome is part of the Bracks Government’s strategy to reduce household greenhouse gas emissions by 10 per cent by 2010.

“We’ve shown in water that significant savings can be made – with Melburnians saving 22 per cent per head compared to the average use in the 1990s,” he said.

The GreenHome project will provide free hands-on workshops, practical guidebooks and public demonstrations on the wide range of actions households can take to make a difference for the environment.

Visiting a Frankston couple, Mr Thwaites heard that after attending two workshops on energy and water saving they had installed a 3-star water-efficient shower head, redirected grey water to the garden and installed a water-control flush-adjuster in the toilet.

“Other workshops will focus on creating drought-resistant, food-producing gardens; composting, recycling and avoiding waste; green finance and how to shop smarter and greener,” he said.

ACF Executive Director, Don Henry, said the ACF would deliver the GreenHome program to households in regions around Melbourne and Victoria over the next four years.

“They’ll save on their electricity, gas and water bills and make their homes a more comfortable place to live,” he said.

“By making simple changes to the way we live, all Victorians can be part of the global effort to save our environment.”

Workshops have already been set up in Frankston and Dromana, with more planned for Casey.

The initiative forms part of the Bracks Government’s landmark environmental statement Our Environment Our Future.

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