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Greener Homes for a Cooler Planet

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Greener Homes for a Cooler Planet

The Australian Government will help households and small businesses become more energy efficient and potentially carbon neutral, through a $52.8 million Small Business and Household Climate Change Action initiative.

Announcing the new initiative on Clean up Australia Day, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Malcolm Turnbull, said the Government was acting to help Australians use less energy and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

“If we have greener homes, we can contribute to a cooler planet,” Mr Turnbull said. Under the initiative the Government will send Australians information about climate change and how to become more energy efficient, as well as helping them calculate their greenhouse gas emissions.

The Government will also offer households the opportunity to become a ‘carbon neutral’ household through its Greenhouse Friendly programme. This will involve purchase of abatement measures such as tree plantings.

“Climate change is a major global challenge that needs concerted, comprehensive global action,” Mr Turnbull said.

“Individual action can make a big difference. This initiative will help people understand more about climate change and the simple actions they can take to be part of the global effort – greener homes and businesses help ensure a cooler planet.

“All Australian households will receive information explaining climate change and giving them tips on how to become more energy efficient in their homes and their workplaces.

“They will also be able to visit a website to calculate their household greenhouse gas emissions, and receive information on how to reduce those emissions.

“Importantly they will be offered the opportunity to become a Greenhouse Friendly ‘carbon neutral’ household by being able to buy abatement, such as through tree planting, to offset their remaining emissions.”

Australia’s seven million households collectively produce around 20 per cent of Australia’s total greenhouse gas emissions, largely through electricity and transport use. Mr Malcolm Turnbull said the initiative builds on the Government’s world-first action to phase out inefficient light bulbs to encourage greater energy efficiency across Australia.

“Taking action to reduce our energy use is good for the environment, good for our household budgets and good for the business bottom line,’ Mr Turnbull said.

“Just changing light bulbs to energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs will reduce energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions. Actions, like this, when repeated all over Australia, are a big step.”

“Everyone can play a role and help make a difference. This initiative will improve our understanding of climate change and the simple actions we can take to be part of the global effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

‘Through our collective and individual actions we can all play an important part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

The $52.8 million Small Business and Household Climate Change Action initiative builds on the Government’s more than $2 billion climate change strategy is supporting world-class scientific research, reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions, supporting development of new low emissions technologies, and helping regions and industries adapt to the impacts of climate change.

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