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Save Water - Lay Clay Pavers

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Save Water - Lay Clay Pavers

Now more than ever, we are all thinking of ways we can save precious water and help the environment. Austral Bricks have a simple yet practical solution to help homeowners conserve one of our most precious resources.

Brett Ward, NSW marketing & regional manager, says you do not need to sacrifice lifestyle in an effort to reduce the environmental impact of your home.

Simple steps such as using drought tolerant plants, high quality mulch, water recycling and laying clay pavers go a long way to making your home more water efficient.

“One of the easiest and most cost effective ways we can help preserve water in these difficult times is to cut back on the amount of lawn and gardens we have, by incorporating clay pavers into the design of the yard," said Mr Ward.

“The trouble with having large lawns is their considerable water requirements – particularly in the summer months, not to mention the time spent on mowing, edging and disposing of grass clippings," he said.

“Unless you really love working in your garden for long periods of time, large high maintenance, thirsty lawns and garden beds are not ideal for today’s environment.

“By incorporating clay pavers into your garden design, you will save water and the time involved with lawn maintenance. You can maximise your leisure time and enjoy life, guilt free in the knowledge that you are doing your bit to help the environment," said Mr Ward.

When you see Austral Bricks pavers on display, it is immediately apparent why theses pavers are so popular with homeowners, landscapers and avid gardeners. You can enrich the aesthetics of gardens and outdoor entertaining areas while saving water.

Austral Bricks vast range of pavers are available in a multitude of colours, textures and sizes all suited to a range of outdoor uses.

Austral Bricks display centres are at Horsley Park, Bowral, Albion Park, Punchbowl, Fyshwick ACT, Newcastle and Tuggerah.

For technical assistance with the specification of Austral Bricks products for major projects call 13 BRIC or 13 27 42.

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