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Removing veneer paneling from a Gyprock wall

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Can you please tell me if there is a trick, or at least the best way, to remove 1970's style veneer paneling from Gyprock wall?


To give you a more precise answer I would want to know the type of paneling you have that is affixed to the existing plasterboard walls. If the paneling consists of timber boards they may have been nailed or glued directly onto timber battens affixed to the plasterboard. In this case the removal is a relatively simple exercise. Initially remove the skirting boards, architraves around doorways to facilitate the removal of each panel at a time from their side with a chisel if glued to the battens or a small hand-held crow bar if nailed (cornices may have to be removed if the paneling has been affixed prior to their installation) Once the battens are exposed, care needs to be taken with their removal so as not to damage the plasterboard surfaces; you will also need to fill any holes left behind with pre-mixed plaster available in tubs from most hardware stores.

Please let us know the type of paneling you have at present (you say it is a 1970's type paneling but this can range from individual tongue and groove timber boards to cheap timber-look veneers in panel format); the direction it is running (vertically, diagonally or horizontally); how you know that you have plasterboard panels behind it and whether the paneling is affixed beneath the cornices.

I will be most happy to answer your query in a lot more detail. Could you provide us with a photograph perhaps?

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