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Tiling over floorboards

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Can you tile over floor boards and what type of adhesion do you use? Thanks.


You can definitely tile over an area that has floor boards but not directly over it. What you should consider is to lay plastic membrane over the entire area then place a screed of sand and cement with meshing through it. Level this with a spirit level. This helps in a number of ways; it allows for levels to be worked exactly, i.e. incorporation of any falls and it acts as a "buffer zone" taking up any movement from the timber frames and floor boards not allowing this to be transferred to the tiles themselves.

The screed is allowed to cure then you can tile over this area in the traditional manner with tile adhesive and tiles.

It is not a good idea to tile directly over floor boards. The adhesive would ruin the timber and it would make it very difficult if down the track your want to revert to having polished timber floors in your home.

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