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Check swimming pool contracts

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Check swimming pool contracts

February 2007

Consumers should check their contracts with swimming pool builders to ensure they were not being charged too much deposit.

Queensland Minister for Public Works, Housing and Information and Communication Technology, Rob Schwarten, said this was a major finding from a Queensland Building Services Authority (BSA) audit of the pool building industry during 2006.

“While the majority of licensed pool builders do use the compliant swimming pool specific contracts under the Domestic Building Contracts Act, they need to take greater care with their contracts and the level of deposit they are asking for,” Mr Schwarten said.

“The audit found 28 per cent of pool builders were asking for too large a deposit.

“The guidelines state that the deposit should be no more than 5 per cent if the pool costs more than $20,000, or more than 10 per cent if it is under $10,000.

“Consumers also need to ensure their contract includes start and finish dates, calculable delays, and a contract information statement must also be provided.”

BSA General Manager Ian Jennings said 17 per cent of licensed pool builders were failing to provide consumers with the contract information statement.

“The information statement provides home owners and builders with their rights and obligations under the Domestic Building Contracts Act (DBCA),” Mr Jennings said.

“Severe fines can be imposed on builders who do not comply with legislation, and it is important all parties to the contract understand what is required from them.

“While we see this past year’s audit as a great success, we have identified areas where pool builders need more education.

“The majority of swimming pool builders are using DBCA compliant contracts, and those who weren’t now have a greater understanding of what is required of them.

“We are committed to serving the public and our licensees, and will continue to scrutinise breaches of the Domestic Building Contracts Act 2000 (DBCA).”

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