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700 waterwise tips for the garden

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700 waterwise tips for the garden

January 2007

Western Australian Water Resources Minister John Kobelke has launched a website listing more than 700 different varieties of plants which have been proven to be waterwise.

The Water Corporation site was developed over the past few months by well-known Perth gardening identity John Colwill.

Mr Kobelke said the site was an important initiative in the ongoing challenge of reducing water consumption.

“The site gives householders practical advice on how they can save water by growing low water use plants that were attractive, easy to maintain and could be incorporated into any style of garden,” he said.

“It is extraordinary the actual number and variety of plants that are in fact waterwise.

“The site gives practical and informative advice which will encourage even more people to become waterwise.

 “Being waterwise in the garden is extremely important because more than 70 per cent of the water supplied by the Integrated Water Supply Scheme is used by residential customers and 50 per cent of this is used on lawns and gardens,” Mr Kobelke said.

Mr Kobelke said the site has the support of the Nursery and Garden Industry Association, Sustainable Gardening Australia and the Great Gardens organisation.

Involvement of the industry groups is further evidence of the close working relationship between the Water Corporation and business to further promote water efficiency in and around the home.

 “Working together we can face one of our greatest challenges and that is ensuring our water future in the face of a clearly drying climate,” Mr Kobelke said.

“There is no doubt that water source developments are a high profile, critical element in securing our water future, but of equal importance is the introduction of practical initiatives that encourage us all to use less water without impacting on our lifestyle.”

The Waterwise Plants for Perth site is at

Some plants listed on the site include; Aloe (Aloe polyphylla), Albany Banksia (Banksia coccinea), Hairy Wattle (Acacia Vestita), Honey pot grevillea (Grevillea polybotrya) and Honey Myrtle (Melaleuca fulgens).

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