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What's the best order to renovate in?

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I am renovating my apartment and would like some advice on what do start on first.

I'm not sure if I should rip up the carpet, paint and then lay the tiles, OR rip up the carpet, lay the tiles and then paint. Can you please advise what is the best order to do this in?


Ideally one should remove the carpet and underlay first and install floor tiles then paint the walls. The one problem I see with painting the walls and ceilings first is that the process of tiling can generate a lot of dust especially when the tile adhesive is mixed. This fine dust will adhere to walls and other surfaces especially so if inadequate time is given for the paint to dry properly. This also means that the tile substrate needs to be given sufficient time to cure prior to accepting pedestrian traffic.

Since it is an apartment, you will need to include acoustic insulation material prior to tiling and you can do this a number of ways - one is to lay a 5mm thick acoustic insulation that comes in roll format which is laid first then a 40mm thick bed of sand and cement screed placed over the entire area; the tiles are then laid on adhesive over the screed. The other way is to lay the same acoustic insulation material that comes already fixed to fibre cement sheeting (total thickness 10mm) then lay tiles over this. The product comes from a company called Thermo Tech and can be installed by a company that specialises in acoustic insulation services called Demand Insulation (02-94172264).

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