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Restoring old Jarrah floorboards

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We are in the process of renos at our house and all the floors and most of the walls are jarrah. We want to enhance the floorboards, and need some expert advise. By the looks of the jarrah, it hasn't had anything done to it in a long time. It was covered in carpet. Thank you. P.S We are on a budget too.


I would consider restoring the jarrah flooring. Before you make a decision, make sure the timber flooring is in good condition and determine whether you have adequate underfloor ventilation. If the floorboards are in good order and you opt to have them sanded and sealed, then it may be a good idea to install concertina foil batts on the underside of the strip flooring to improve on thermal insulation.

Nails will need to be punched in place, level and fine sanding plus the necessary coatings of sealer, GST and profit margin for the tradesman may amount to around $61 per square metre but it is definitely worth the expense.

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