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Can French Doors swing in opposite directions?

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My dilema is this: I'm installing french doors to our kitchen eating area. As if the installation isn't tricky enough, my wife tells me she would like both doors to open inwards. These will be our back door also. One can, as it opens to the wall, but due to lack of space, the other must open out and hook up against the wall when opened.

Is this correct or must they both swing the same way? The only problem I see is the door stops and jams, and centering the jam so they appear even opened and closed. Your help would be great.


Ideally both doors should swing in the same direction. I've talked at length about your quandary with a consultant from the Timber Development Association (Geoff Day 02-83030575) and he is of the opinion that you can have doors opening in opposite direction but it would have to be done with a double rebated door jamb. You're most welcome to have a word with them directly on the above number and he can "walk you" through the project.

The major problem you will face is making your French doors impervious to water from the outside, and you need to do it by installing the door stops so they allow the doors to swing the way you want them.

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