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Cleaning and refreshing canvas window awnings

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My 1960's yellow brick home has awful brown and brown stiped canvas awnings that are in need of repair and revamp. Can you suggest how to clean and paint them? I also need to restore the metal pelmets, which are flaking.


It may be an easier and a far longer-lasting exercise to replace your awnings but if you still want to proceed with the rejuvenation of your awnings then you may want to consider protecting the acrylic paint with a product such as British Paints Four Seasons Gloss Acrylic which is ideal for harsh exterior environments. Take note that canvas is flexible and paints applied to surfaces like these will tend to crack over time.

Use a product such as White Knight's "Rustguard Advantage" on the metal componentry of the awning. It does not require priming but you will have to methodically remove existing rust and flaking paint prior to its application.

To be brutally honest with you, I would replace the awnings or at the very least replace the canvas with one that is new and has your preferred colour scheme.

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