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Top tips for a green 2007

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Top tips for a green 2007

January 2007

Christmas trees may have already come down, but households are still being encouraged to stay green all year round as part of their 2007 New Year’s Resolution.

EnergyAustralia energy efficiency expert Paul Myors said households could follow a few simple tips for a greener 2007.

“All it takes is a few simple steps and each household can cut its greenhouse gas emission by up to four tonnes of carbon dioxide a year,” Mr Myors said.

“That’s just like taking your family car off the road for the year. That’s a deep cut of carbon dioxide in anyone’s language.

“And to make your new year’s resolution even greener, use the money you save to buy Green Power and go for zero emissions for your home.”

A typical Australian household of four people produces the equivalent of about 10 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year. However, by following the steps below we estimate that this figure can be cut by about four tonnes a year.

You can then use the money you will save on your electricity bill to choose EnergyAustralia’s Pure Energy Premium option. When you sign up to PureEnergy, we guarantee to purchase the same amount of electricity used in your home from renewable energy projects accredited through the Green Power program.

This means that you are directly supporting new renewable energy projects in Australia.

Steps for a greener 2007:
  1. Don't leave appliances in standby mode - save up to $50 per year
    New plasma televisions use about four times the amount of electricity than standard televisions so make sure when they are not in use turn them off at the power button not the remote.
  2. Use energy efficient light bulbs - save up to $50 per year
    CFL bulbs shine just as bright as standard globes, use about 80% less energy and last up to 8 times longer
  3. Don't over heat or over cool rooms - save around $50 per year
    The most energy efficient temperature setting for your air conditioner is between 23 and 26 degrees in summer and about 18 and 21 degrees for heating in winter.
  4. Use the clothesline whenever the sun shines - save up to $40 per year.
    Clothes driers use about 15 times more energy than your washing machine for each cycle. So when it’s sunny use your clothes line or clothes horse.
  5. Get rid of that old second fridge - save up to $200 per year.
    About 30% of homes have more than one fridge. If you don’t won’t to get rid of your second fridge, try running it only run when you think you need it.

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