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Painting a laminated kitchen bench

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I have a bright green kitchen laminate bench. Is there a paint available that would suitable to paint this kitchen bench with? Thanks.


There are paints on the market specifically designed to be used on laminated surfaces but you will find that manufacturers will not recommend their use directly on benchtops because of the harsh treatment that these surfaces incur.

This however does not mean that you cannot use them on laminated benchtops, it means that if you place a hot pot directly on the painted laminate benchtop and damage it, the company will not reimburse you the cost of the paint and associated work. In other words, the paint is ideal for cabinetry and other laminated vertical surfaces.

There is a new product on the market called "Laminate Paint" manufactured by White Knight Paints (p: 131 686) You will need the laminate cleaner; the laminate primer and the laminate paint itself.

Visit their site at

Personally, I would re-laminate the benchtop.

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