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by Megan Macpherson

Let in that summer sun! Ok, well you may not be all that keen to let the hot Aussie sun in during summer, but you will be wanting it in winter. But there are skylights which can also open, making them great for summer, to let the cool breeze into place which may not have access to the open air.

Two companies spotted at the Sydney Renovation show in December at Darling Harbour include Velux, and Natural Lighting Products.

Skylights which open and close are usually operated by remote control. These are good in the kitchen when you are cooking, or even the bathroom to enable steam to escape. Skylights can also give privacy in a bathroom. Openable skylights can provide ventilation for for high ceilings, or act as a window in an attic.

Dark places like hallways, attics, or rooms with no external walls can be lit up with skylights. Rooms on an upper floor with roof cavity space in between the roof and the ceiling can be lit using a sun tunnel, also known as a solar tube or tubelite. This is a tube running through the cavity to transport light from outside to inside.

Although most skylights and roof windows are coated and glazed to prevent the transferrance of heat, blinds can always be installed to block out any unwanted sun.

Natural lighting products also do custom built skylights in a range of shapes, out of a variety materials, and lighting shaft installed at various angles to suit your needs.

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