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Are Territorians Water Wasters?

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Are Territorians Water Wasters?

The future of wise water use throughout the Darwin region will be the focus of an upcoming survey initiated by the Power and Water Corporation.

Power and Water General Manager Water Services Paul Heaton said the survey, which will be conducted over the next three months, aims to explore local attitudes towards water use, now and in the future.

“The results will help inform Power and Water in the planning for future water supplies for the Darwin region,” Mr Heaton said.

“Importantly, it will also tell us what initiatives our residents support to help us all use water more wisely.”

A national report released in October - Community Views on Water Shortages and Conservation - found Darwin residents were the least likely across Australia to be concerned about water conservation.

“Water is a precious resource and we use around twice as much as other capital cities and significantly more than other tropical cities such as Townsville and Cairns,’’ Mr Heaton said.

“About 60 per cent of water is used outside the home. Darwin River Dam is not a bottomless resource and the changing climate and potential for poor wet seasons in the future may mean the Dam does not fill to capacity every year.’’

Mr Heaton warned the combination of changing weather patterns and growing population means the community will either have to reduce water consumption or invest in new infrastructure such as building dams and water storage tanks.

The water survey will be distributed along with the booklet -The Darwin Water Story - which aims to inform the community about water systems and the challenges of water conservation.

“It is critical we all understand the real story of water in Darwin, how much we use, and the plans in place to upgrade water infrastructure to meet future demand,” Mr Heaton said.

“We have a unique tropical lifestyle in the Top End that we should strive to preserve. Little changes we make now in the way we use water will make a critical difference to our water supply tomorrow.’’

Participants in the survey will include schools, the nursery and garden industry, irrigators, government, business, domestic homes and some suburbs.

The survey and The Darwin Water Story is available at or from Power and Water front counters in Palmerston or in the Mitchell Centre, Darwin.

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