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Renovation Considerations - Nursery

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Renovation Considerations - Nursery

by Megan Macpherson

When expecting a baby, the family is due to suddenly grow, and more space needs to be found. Some families choose to sell and buy a new house with more bedrooms, and more space, however why get your hands dirty in the property market when you can renovate? The office, study, or spare bedroom can be easily renovated to become a nursery. Or, undertake some structural renovations and divide part of your loungeroom or living area into a nursery.

Structural renovations will need the advice of an enginneer, architect, or building adviser, to see whether it is possible to knock down existing walls, or make new ones in the area of choice. Consider the placement of the extra room. Will it be an extention out of one side of the house, or will it take up existing space within the house? Place the nursery close to the master bedroom for easy access during the night, and ensure it is away from a potentially noisy loungeroom, or street front.

A nursery is a space for not only the baby, but also for the storage of the baby stuff, and a space for mum and dad to look after the newborn. The nursery will ultimately become the child's bedroom, so be careful to keep that in mind before stenciling cute pink elephants on the walls. If you are wanting to renovate once and once only, then pick some classic furniture and colours which will stand the test of time until your child is into their teenage years. An example is wooden furniture and pale yellow or green paint for the walls. If you are a renovation whiz, then go ahead with the elephants, and be prepared to redecorate every three to five years at least.

Alternatively, use the room as a blank canvas and let your child's possessions create the colour and feel of the room. Hooks on the walls for paintings and wall hangings, rugs, curtains and cushions are less expensive ways to indulge your child in their latest colour obsession without a massive renovation job. These ideas go beyond the nursery timeframe, but it is important to think ahead to the end use of a room, to save time and money when renovating.

For such a small person, a baby will have lots of stuff, especially gifts of blankets and toys from family and friends. Storage in a nursery is a key issue, so therefore plan for cupboards and shelves. Storage should be hardwearing and child accessible, and have big shelves or cubby holes for bulky toys.

The nursery is also a place to care for the baby. For those late night feeding times, a comfy chair or couch in the nursery will be a saviour for mum. Room for a baby change table set up in the room is another consideration.

There are many renovation products on the market with children in mind. These include wash and wear paint, safety switches for powerpoints, and door stoppers to avoid jammed fingers in drawers and doors.

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