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How to Hang a Shelf

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Shelves are wonderful and useful additions to any home, adding space and also drawing the eye upward to make a room appear larger. Today ready-made shelf kits are available at hardware stores but sometimes you may wish to hang your own.

You will need:

  • 50mm thick boards/19mm thick plywood (make sure it has a finished edge)
  • Shelf brackets
  • Level
  • Chalk
  • Adjustable brackets and slotted standards (for row of shelves)

Step One

For hanging a single shelf, position the brackets 800mm apart or for heavier loads, 400mm apart. You should allow for a 200mm overhang at both ends.

The brackets should be screwed to studs or if on masonry using wall anchors.

Step Two

Mark the brackets’ position and true the line using the level. Screw the brackets in and position the shelf. Use the level once more to confirm the shelf is straight.

Step Three

If a row of shelves is needed buy the slotted wall standards that allow for adjustable brackets. These give the added advantage of changing the placement of the shelves when required.

Using the chalk, mark the position of the standards’ top edges. Screw in both of the standards part of the way and then check with the level.If comfortable finish screwing in, click in the brackets and hang the shelves.

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